CYPRUS / For the first time Netflix adds a Cypriot film to its catalogue


The film Find Me Falling by South African-Cypriot director Stelana Kliris is the first Cypriot feature film to screen worldwide on Netflix. The online broadcast is scheduled for July 19th, the day of the film’s cinema release on the island.

Find Me Falling is about an American rock star who moves to Cyprus when his latest album flops. In an interview with FNE, the director defines her film as “a romantic comedy which goes beyond the genre formula to address themes such as life, death and legacy.

Co-produced by Jupiter Peak Productions (USA) and Meraki Films (Cyprus), the film received support from the Ministry of Culture of Cyprus (€455,500) as well as from the Cyprus Film Commission refund programme (€664 711).

Sources : FNE, Philnews

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