CROATIA – EGYPT / The Egyptian film “Voy! Voy! Voy!” major winner at the Split Mediterranean Film Festival

Voy! Voy! Voy!

As part of the 17th Split Mediterranean Film Festival (June 13th – 22nd), the Egyptian Voy! Voy!Voy! won the Best Feature Film Award and the Jury Award.

Directed and written by Omar Hilal, the film is about a security guard desperate to leave Egypt. Discovering blind football, he fakes blindness so he can get on to the team going to Europe for the World Cup. Along the way he meets various characters, including an attractive journalist, a middle-aged coach and his two best friends, all the while hoping for a better life in Europe.

The film was recently voted Best Egyptian film of 2023 by the Egyptian Film Critics Association (EFCA). It was also Egypt’s official submission for this year’s Academy Awards.

Having produced several commercials, Omar Hilal is best known for his work in advertising. Voy! Voy!Voy! marks his entry into cinema film-making.

Sources: Mediterranean Film Festival Split, Broadcast Pro

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