BOSNIA – HERZEGOVINA / Maja Novaković starts post-production for her new film

At the Door of the House Who Will Come Knocking
At the Door of the House Who Will Come Knocking, by Maja Novaković

Recently awarded the Al Jazeera Balkans Award at the Beldocs Pitching Forum, the docu-drama At the Door of the House Who Will Come Knocking by director Maja Novaković is entering post-production. The film is scheduled for release in the first half of 2024.

Written by Ms. Novaković and Jonathan Hourigan, the film is set on the outskirts of a village in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 70 year-old Emin and his horse work long hours in the surrounding forests, cutting and transporting tree trunks. But this daily activity hides a deep wound: the loss of his brother during a forestry accident in the 1970’s.

The director describes her film as a work about “alienation and coldness…on a man. Loss and his love of the hills and Bosnian horses.” Filming took place in Eastern Bosnia during the winters of 2020 to 2023, a region dear to the director who shot her short film Then Comes the Evening (2019) there. “I feel safest and most comfortable telling seemingly small stories of my environment, because I understand and feel the atmosphere, the spirit of people and places,” she explains.

Sources: Beldocs, Film New Europe, Cineuropa

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