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TURKEY – MOROCCO / Moroccan television buys the distribution rights of two Turkish series

ATV Distribution

ATV Distribution, a Turkish company based in Istanbul, announced that Moroccan television has bought the broadcasting rights to two series: A Little Sunshine and Lifeline. The Lifeline series has been licensed in 70 countries. With 207 episodes this drama series is about a young married woman and her son, both victims of her husband’s violence. …

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TURKEY / TRT Español is launched during a broadcasting summit with Spanish-speaking countries

TRT Español

On April 25th and 26th in Istanbul Turkish public broadcaster TRT presented its new digital current affairs platform at its first Broadcasting Summit with Spanish-speaking countries. Organized by the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation (TRT), the event was themed “Mapping broadcasting strategies for Turkey and Spanish-speaking countries in the digital era.” A large number of Latin American …

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TURKEY / Madd Entertainment markets six Turkish series across the MENA region

Madd Entertainment

The Turkish company Madd Entertainment is marketing six series in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). The region has become one of Madd’s main sales territories. For Ateş İnce, Managing Director of Madd Entertainment, “The MENA region has always held a pivotal place in our strategy. These countries have a deep-rooted affinity with …

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FRANCE – TURKEY / M6 adapts the Turkish drama “Persona”


French broadcaster M6 has launched Mémoire Vive, a series adapted from the Turkish Persona. Produced by Calt Studio, the French adaptation will have four 60-minute episodes. Written by Laurent Burtin, Anne-Gaëlle Daval and Hélène Lombard, this version, unlike the Turkish, will feature a female protagonist played by Clémentine Célarié. The series follows two apparently unrelated …

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TURKEY / Inter Medya expands its catalogue and broadens its reach

Inter Medya

The Turkish distribution company, Inter Medya, is negotiating new agreements to distribute its series more widely. Interrupted, produced in 2020, will return for a second 8-episode season. It’s about a journalist who, after a serious road accident, is given the chance to return to life – but in someone else’s body. Produced by TIMS&B Productions, …

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TURKEY-SPAIN / Mediaset España buys the rights of the Turkish series “Farah”


Spanish media company Mediaset España recently announced it has purchased the Turkish series Farah, distributed by Calinos Entertainment. The series, adapted from the award-winning Argentinian show La Chica Que Limpia, is about an Iranian woman, Farag, and her son, forced to flee their native country and settle in Istanbul. In order to buy medical care …

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TURKEY – EUROPE / Launch of a new channel, Turk on Video Free

Turk on Video Free

Kinostar, a Germany-based programming distributor, has partnered with OKAST, a Paris-based streaming technology provider, to launch Turk on Video Free, its first FAST channel (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV). The new channel will be available on Amazon Freevee. Turk on Video Free offers a selection of Turkish films and is positioned as a linear complement to …

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