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TURKEY/ Turkey wants to develop its animated film sector

Rafadan Tayfa Göbeklitepe

During a visit to the ISF animation studios in Ankara the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank, told the Turkish news agency AA that Turkey was increasing its potential in this sector. Accompanied by his family, he watched the making of “Rafadan Tayfa Göbeklitepe”, the country’s most popular animated series with 3.5 million viewers. …

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TURKEY AZERBAIJAN / Turkey and Azerbaijan sign cinema and audiovisual cooperation agreement

Accord Turquie Azerbaïdjan

Representatives from Turkey and Azerbaijan met in Ankara to agree on a series of agreements and strengthen their bilateral cultural cooperation. Azerbaijani Minister of Culture Anar Karimov and Turkey’s Minister of International Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu praised the unity of their countries. Their cultural alliance will ensure “the promotion of the translation and publication of modern …

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TURKEY / After “The Ottoman” more Turkish series soon available in the Arab world

Kurulus Osman

The Arab streaming platform Noor Play has bought the rights to the Turkish series “Kuruluş: Osman” (The Ottoman) for distribution in Arab countries. Noor Play promises that more Turkish productions will be available on its platform.“Kuruluş Osman” is about Osman Gazi, founder of the Ottoman Empire, and is the sequel to an earlier series about …

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TURKEY / Turkey’s first cinema museum opens

Cinéma Atlas Turquie

Istanbul’s first cinema museum was inaugurated on February 26th. The Turkish Cinema Museum has opened in the heart of the Europeanized Beyoğlu district, on Istiklal Street, much-frequented by tourists. It is housed in the same building as the Atlas Cinema, built in 1870 during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz and recently restored after two years’ …

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TURKEY KOSOVO / New film co-operation agreement between Turkey and Kosovo

Accord bilatéral Turquie Kosovo

Turkey and Kosovo have formalized cooperation between their film industries. Signed in Ankara, the bilateral agreement should facilitate co-productions of films and TV series over the next five years, allocating financial support of between 20% to 80% to Kosovar-Turkish co-productions.  After the signing, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, Turkish Minister of Culture and Tourism, praised the historical …

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TURKEY / Huge but controversial success for the Netflix Turkish series, “Bir Başkadir”

Bir Baskadir

Netflix’s new series “Bir Başkadır” (“unique” in Turkish, “Ethos” the English title) is being talked about everywhere in Turkey. Released on November 12th 2020, this drama series plunges viewers into the heart of the social, cultural and religious issues currently dividing the country. Over eight episodes the interweaving stories of 12 characters provide a panorama of …

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Turkey / The Antalya Film Forum

The Antalya Film Forum is the film market for the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. The festival itself is scheduled from October 3rd – 10th, with the Forum taking place online from October 5th – 7th, offering an international audience 29 projects at different stages of production. The different pitching categories are:feature films in developmentdramas …

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