TURKEY / TRT celebrates its 57th anniversary

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) has celebrated its 57th anniversary. Created on May 1st 1964, at first as a state broadcaster, TRT today has 17 television channels, 16 radio stations, two websites (trt.net.tr and trtvotworld.com – which is translated into 41 languages and local dialects, including TRT World and TRT Deutsch) and five print newspapers. Broadcast across Turkey and the rest of the world, the company is based in Ankara. TRT’s chair and CEO, Ibrahim Eren, told the Turkish News Agency AA that the company transmits “Turkey’s visual and auditory memory”. He also said that TRT is planning to become a global broadcaster, notably through the upcoming launch of TRT Balkans plus a French-language news platform.

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Sources: dailysabah.comaa.com.trabu.org.my

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