FRANCE / Training: the 2015 “New Writing and New Media” Workshop

Formation_2015This year’s “New Writing and New Media” training session was organised by the CMCA between March 16th to 20th. There were eight trainees, from Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, with, for the first time, a majority of women. That’s an achievement! 7 women and one man. The workshop is for journalists working in the member TV companies, showing them the new narrative forms and techniques of the web-documentary. The work-shop took place over 5 days. The first two were mostly theoretical, with the first day spent discussing the challenges of the new media and the second how to work with the tools. On the third day, the trainees began the practical side: pre-production, production and post-production. The training wound up with a review of what had been achieved during the workshop.
Apart from the teaching aspect, the course was also an opportunity for journalists from across the Mediterranean to meet and talk about shared issues. On the human level the benefits of the course were as great as on the professional.
This year’s workshop added to the content of our web-documentary Marseille-Multimédia-Méditerranée. The idea is that over time we create an interactive map of the major Mediterranean cities. At this session, the trainees worked on 3 districts in Marseille: Belsunce, Longchamp – Cinq avenues, Thiers – Cours Julien. When they get back home they will use their new knowledge to film, photograph or record a reportage on a district where they live – that way we enrich the CMCA’s interactive map. The goal: to use the trainees’ work to offer internet users a walk round the major Mediterranean cities. Eventually, all the contributions will go into a web documentary which will be offered to our members’ television companies for their websites.
At the end of their training, the following received a CMCA certificate to confirm they had successfully completed the course:

– Maria Adnan from 2M (Morocco)
– Halima Saadia Khoubbane from 2M (Morocco)
– Mustafa Ucmaz from TRT (Turkey)
– Fatima Toumi from EPTV (Algeria)
– Camila Khelif from EPTV (Algeria)
– Imane Ben Amor from Tunisian Television
– Insaf Ben Moussa from Tunisian Television
– Randa Hadidi of JRTV (Jordanian Television)

We thank them for their participation and involvement in the project.

You can discover the districts on the following link:

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