SWITZERLAND / “Young and ready to invent the future”

algerie-la bataille de l'avenirProduced by Troubadour Films “Young and ready to invent the future” is a series of 26-minute documentaries showing social and political protest movements across the world. The idea is to give a voice to young people in every country as they search for a better future and social situation. Nasser Bakhti – creator, producer and director of the documentary series – has filmed young people in North Africa, Africa, Europe and other continents, for six days. In each country he follows two young people. For the episode about Algeria: “Algérie, la bataille de l’avenir” we are shown the portrait of two militants, Djamila and Imad Boubekri, both 26, who question the way the political system works and fight for democracy and freedom.

Source: El Watan

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