Special Issue for PriMed 2015: the awards, reactions and photos…

PriMed’s 2015 jury announced its carefully considered verdict at the awards ceremony on Friday December 11th – with Algerian actress and singer Biyouna, godmother of this year’s festival, in attendance. From the 24 films in the final selection, 11 won awards – the very best in documentary, reportage and web-documentary.
Throughout the week more than 6,000 members of the public, (every year increasing) came for the 30 hours of screenings and PriMed’s major events, which included a screening-discussion on “Paths of Exile” at the Villa Méditerranée, at the Alcazar and MuCEM.
During January and February 2016, you can view on-demand any of the selected films on the computers at the Bibliothèque de l’Alcazar (58, cours Belsunce, 13001 Marseille).

All the awards of PriMed 2015

The reactions of the winning directors

The reactions of the jury: to come.

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Biyouna,godmother of PriMed 2015



Un public nombreux et attentif lors des projections du PriMed


 PriMed posters at Villa Méditerranée


PhotoPriMed 2015 -- ©CMCA -42

The public of  PriMed at Villa Méditerranée


Screening of 4 short films  at MuCEM


Public, jury and directors before the Award Ceremony


 PriMed poster on Vieux Port of Marseille


PhotoPriMed 2015 -- ©CMCA -174

The high school students  present  MPM Averroès Junior Award


PhotoPriMed 2015 -- ©CMCA -82

 Radio Babel , live music ofr Award ceremony



Photos : Marc Ferrando, Marie-Christine Ferrando, Franco F. Revelli, Iris Cazaubon, Johanna Faraut, Maud Larivière

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