SPAIN MOROCCO / The 2021 Tarifa-Tangier Festival of African Film open to applications until March 12th

The Tarifa-Tangier African Film Festival (FCAT) is launching a call to participate in its 18th edition. The deadline is midnight on March 12th. This year’s two-continent event is scheduled from May 28th to June 6th.

FCAT 2021

An independent film festival, FCAT has become a reference in the Spanish-speaking world. Created in 2003, it promotes “films from the African continent and the non-African Arab world across Spain and Latin America”. It provides a meeting place for professionals in the audiovisual industry and helps their films to be shown throughout Spain; a transcontinental film festival which aims “for a better understanding between peoples.”

Trailer of the FCAT 2020

Registration conditions for FCAT 2021

To register, films must meet the following conditions:

– have been made after January 1st 2020

– have been made by a director of African origin

– deal with a subject related to the reality and culture of the African continent

The competition awards are:

– Hipermetropía: this category is for feature-length films, with two awards: Best Drama and Best Documentary, 

– En breve: awards for short drama and documentary films

Other sections organized in parallel:

– Afroscope: for any film dealing with an African theme

– Miradas Españolas: for Spanish productions looking at the African continent

– Afrodescendencias: for films about Latin America’s African descendants.

Cinenómada, the other FCAT 2021 event

The festival organisers also launched Cinenómada to help film libraries and other film organizations create events about African cinema. More than 1,200 films can be found on the website, arranged by theme.

For more information, consult the Festival page here.

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