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Released in 1999, Los sin nombre (The Nameless) was the first feature by Spanish director Jaume Balagueró, helping him become one of the main pillars of the Spanish movement of genre authors. The script was based on a novel by British horror scriptwriter Ramsey Campbell. The central character is Claudia: “Five years after her daughter’s murder, Claudia receives a phone call from her, begging to be rescued. Helped by an ex-policeman, Claudia goes in search of her daughter, only to discover a terrifying truth.

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Assisted by Pau Freixas (author and director of The Red Band Society, I Know Who You Are), Jaume Balagueró is adapting his film as a television series. It is being produced by Arca Audiovisual, the television branch of the production company Filmax. The project is currently at the writing phase.

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