PALESTINE / Hany Abu-Assad shooting his next feature

On July 15th Palestinian director Hany Aby-Assad resumed shooting Huda’s Salon. Filming began earlier this year, but had to shut down in March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hany Abu-Assad
Promotional image of Huda’s Salon

Huda’s Salon is set in Bethlehem on the West Bank. Before the production was put on hold, the crew had been working in Nazareth, Abu-Assad’s home town, at the site of a dried-up underground reservoir. This is the first feature Abu-Assad has shot in Palestine since The Idol in 2015.

The film is billed as a feminist spy thriller. Based on real events, the central character Huda, played by Manal Awad (Degrade, The Idol), runs a network of informers from a Bethlehem hairdressing salon. Nadia, a young mother (Maisa Abd Elhadi The Reports On Sarah And Saleem) is blackmailed by Huda. But when Huda is arrested, both women are in danger and each will have to fight for their survival.

Huda’s Salon is produced by Hany Aby-Assad’s production company, H&A Production (Palestine) and Film Clinic in Cairo (Egypt).

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