NORTH AFRICA MIDDLE EAST / Selection of Arab short films at the Palm Springs International ShortFest

Eight Arab films have been selected by one of the United States’ largest short film festivals, the Palm Springs International ShortFest. It will take place online from June 16th to 22nd and show more than 300 films.

Palm Springs International Short

Henet Ward by Egyptian director Morad Mostafa is nominated in the Best Live-Action Short category. The film follows a Sudanese henna painter and his daughter preparing a bride before her wedding.

Two Lebanese films were selected. Omé by Wassin Geagea: after the death of his mother, 9-year old Elias goes to great lengths to bring her back from paradise. And Farah Shaer’s Soukoon about a woman’s emotions when she thinks she is pregnant while also going through marital problems.

Sofia Alaoui’s Moroccan film Qu’importe si les bêtes meurent represents North Africa. In the middle of winter a young mountain shepherd searching for food for his cattle comes face-to-face with a supernatural phenomenon.

Give Up the Ghost is a Jordanian film by Zaïn Duraie. Winner of awards at the El Gouna Film Festival, this short follows a couple who discover they are infertile.

Two Palestinian films were selected. Farah Nabulsi’s The Present: a father and his daughter set out to buy a wedding anniversary present, but soldiers, segregated roads and checkpoints make this shopping trip rather complicated. And Elisa Coker’s Stallions of Palestineabout a horse breeder and his family.

The last short film selected is Arabian Alien by Saudi director Meshal Al Jaser.

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