MOROCCO / Casa/docks: documentaries in the spotlight

casadocksIn Casablanca, Casa/Docks is a new open-to-all cultural initiative to broadcast documentary films every week.

Every Monday at Casablanca’s ABC Cinema, the public will be able to see independent documentaries, programmed to illustrate a new theme each month. There will also be discussions with freelance directors and actors. This month the theme is “How to live together?”.

The first documentary screened was Tarik El Idrissi’s “Rif 58-59, breaking the silence”. Then on October 12th: Dan Alexe’s “Cabale à Kabul”. On the 19th there will be Angelos Rallis’ and Hans Ulrich Goessl’s A Place for Everyone”; and on the 26th, Cheikh N’Diaye’s “Nègre Blanc.

Note that one film a month will be about Morocco: either by a Moroccan or a foreign director. The other films come from North African, Arab, African, Mediterranean, Asian and South American sources.


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