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Beirut Art Film Festival

The Beirut Art Film Festival (BAFF) will run throughout November in different parts of the Lebanon, and from November 20th to 25th in Beirut itself. For its fourth year this non-competitive event has chosen the theme of “Tomorrow”, marking its commitment to Lebanese youth and the protection of the environment by looking to the future. By showing about sixty documentaries, the Beirut Art Film Festival allows us to see and reflect on the state of the world.

Between November 1st and 30th BAFF extramuros will visit several Lebanese towns, presenting 70 documentaries through the following events:

-BAFF (loves) Lebanon: more than 40 free screenings in cultural centres in Beirut and the region

-BAFF 4 Youth: documentary screenings in 13 Lebanese universities

-BAFF @ Schools: screening in Lebanese schools of two documentaries: Mark Daniels’ Lady Liberty and Paul Cochrane’s We Made Every Living Thing from Water.

From November 20th to 25th BAFF intramuros will be held in the two cinemas of the Metropolis Empire Sofil, in Beirut’s Ashrafieh district. It will open with the world premiere of Ilana Navaro’s Josephine Baker, the story of an awakening. There will also be a screening of the Belgian documentary Maurice Béjart, l’âme de la danse, directed by Henri de Gerlache and Jean de Garrigues.

The festival’s president, art historian and gallery owner Alice Mogabgab, said “the Beirut Art Film Festival 2018 is looking at “Tomorrow” and dedicates this fourth year to young people, a better environment, and to change.

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