Italy / The Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini promises €53 million for film and television

The Italian Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, has announced a subsidy for film and broadcasting production and marketing. €53 million have been allocated “to support one of the country’s main creative industries, with significant grants for young film-makers and for difficult films,” declared Mr Franceschini. Calls for tenders for these grants can be found on the Ministry of Culture’s website.

Ministera della Cultura

The €53 million will be shared out as follows:

– €10.7 million for activities related to marketing films and audiovisual works: of which €2.7 million will be to develop film and AV culture in Italy and promote Italy’s image through films, broadcasting and tourism; €6.5 million for film festivals or similar events and €1.5 million for archiving, cataloguing and restoring films.

– €42.3 million for film production: including €12.9 million for first and second features by young directors; 3.3 million for shorts and documentaries and €4.8 million for animated films. To this will be added €17.1 million for artistic or ambitious films considered “difficult”. Television is not to be outdone since €1.2 and €3 million are planned respectively for broadcasting and digital work.

This selective aid cannot exceed 50% of the overall budget for audiovisual works or 100% for “delicate” projects.
All requests must be made using the online platform DGCOL available here.

Sources : Cineuropa, Benicultural, Infoiva

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