ITALY / Launch of VatiVision

Announced in October 2019, the private Italian platform VatiVision was launched on June 8th. This new service broadcasts films, series and documentaries with a Catholic theme. The slogan on its website sums up its aim: “Culture, art and faith, everywhere with you”.


The programmes are available on any media (television, computer, tablet, mobile phone). The first four documentaries are Padre Pio (a famous Capuchin priest), Churchbook, quand la foi se fait sociale (the Vatican social networks), Italie 70, 10 années de plomb and Le Linceul, histoire d’un mystère (the Turin shroud).

This project is the result of a collaboration between the Italian group Vetrya (specializing in digital platforms) and Officina della Comunicazione (a film production company with long experience of working with the Vatican). VatiVision does not use a subscription system, instead individuals purchase programmes.

Although at the moment the service is only available in Italy, the group aims to extend it to eight other countries (including Spain).

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