ITALY / Creation of International Coalition for Film-makers at Risk (ICFR)

During the Venice Film Festival, an international organisation was launched to support film-makers whose profession puts them at risk. The International Coalition for Film-makers at Risk (ICFR) was founded by the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the European Film Academy.


The project was announced in 2019, but it was not officially presented until September 6th. In their introductory speeches, the various personalities presenting the ICFR talked about its missions, which are to defend and act in solidarity with film-makers.

In a statement the organization said: “film-makers are increasingly struggling to make their voices heard. In recent years, the world has seen an increasing number of film-makers threatened, arrested, imprisoned and even killed in an attempt to silence them. In these critical situations, the international film community could make a difference by supporting campaigns to liberate these film-makers or by putting pressure on the authorities for their release.

The ICFR has already mobilized, calling for the release of Egyptian film producer Moataz Abdelwahab.

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