FRANCE / Hervé Michel, former President of CMCA elected president of UniFrance

The first Steering Committee of the new UniFrance, an association born from the merger between TV France International (TVFI) and UniFrance, was held this Friday, July 2, 2021 at 10 a.m. and proceeded to the election of the presidency.

Hervé Michel, elected vice-president of UniFrance

Serge Toubiana and Hervé Michel, previously presidents of UniFrance and TV France International, were elected, in pairs, at the end of the meeting. Hervé Michel, former president of the CMCA, assured that this new association will “be keen to support as a priority, from the start of the school year, the international relaunch of our two sectors, cinema and audiovisual. It is capital. after the period we have been through. At the same time, we will launch major joint projects, on digital and new 360 ° operations, which will be fully completed in 2022 “.

The UniFrance Steering Committee has, in its new form, 58 members:
40 elected officials, 4 statutory members and 14 ex officio members representing professional organizations in the sector, as well as the President and the Vice-President.
The new statutes provide, for the first two-year term of office, that the presidency be made up of a pair representing the two sectors.

The terms of office of all bodies will increase, from 2023, to a period of three years.

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