FRANCE / The winners of the 38th Cinemed

The jury of the 38th Cinemed, which ended on October 29th, awarded the Golden Antigone to the Spanish “Vivir y otras ficcionnes”.

Vivre et autre fictions de Jo Sol

Vivir y otras ficciones by Jo Sol

The five jurors, Laetitia Casta, Maud Ameline, Loubna Abidar, Farid Bentoumi and Yann Gonzalez were clearly won over by Jo Sol’s film. Made in Barcelona, “Vivir y otras ficcionnes” is about the friendship between a man just out of psychiatric hospital trying to adapt to a world that has no meaning, and a disabled activist campaigning for the right to sexuality. The film also leaves with the Nova Award and Best Music Award.

The Critics Prize went to Maha Haj’s “Personal Affairs”, an Israeli film about the life of a family fragmented between Nazareth, Ramallah and Sweden. The Audience Award went to Fabrice Benchaouche’s Franco-Belgian “Timgad”, about an archaeologist coaching young footballers in Timgad, a village high up in Algeria’s Aurès mountains.

A jury of 6 Montpellier students awarded the First Film Award to “Al di la’ del risultato” (Beyond the Result) by the Italian Emanuele Gaetano Forte. In the short film category, the Grand Prix went to “Ecrit/Non écrit” (Written / Not Written) by the Romanian Adrian Silisteanu. Finally, Kaouther Ben Hania’s Tunisian documentary “Zaineb n’aime pas la neige” (Zaineb doesn’t like snow) received the Ulysses Award.

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