FRANCE / Looking for crowdfunding for the documentary series “Mémoires Palestiniennes” directed by Hiam Abbass

memoires-palestiniennesBeall Productions is looking for funding to make an ambitious series of six 52-minute documentaries, under the patronage of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and in partnership with the ICFT (International Council for Film Television and Audiovisual Communication, official partner of UNESCO). The series, called Palestinian memories, will be about the Nakba.
The literal translation of nakba is disaster or catastrophe. Here, this strong, symbolic word is used to describe the events of 1948, during which, according to United Nations estimates, some 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes and 90% of their towns and villages were destroyed.
Produced by Hiam Abbass and written by Jawad Wachill, the series will offer a fresh and unique perspective on this part of the Palestinian people’s history, shedding light on a “hidden history” – which was just the beginning of a long process to dispossess the Palestinian people. It is urgent to re-open this page, and by the grace of memory, to imagine a peaceful future.
Palestinian memories is a rare and ambitious memorial project with essential educational virtues. Men and women carry within them a vital part of their people’s history, they possess an experience, a knowledge which may die with them. It is important to preserve and pass on this precious heritage: Palestinian memories as an expression of The Memory of an entire people. For the sake of future generations, print this spoken word, this image before it disappears.

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