FRANCE / 5th Ciné Palestine Festival

The 5th Ciné Palestine festival will be held from March 10th to 19th in Toulouse and 8 other towns in the Occitanie Region. Through a selection of 24 feature films, shorts and documentaries visitors will discover the vitality of Palestinian film-making.

The festivities will begin with a concert to celebrate the festival’s five years’ existence. Featuring the CharqGharb Trio and the Palestinian DJ Missy Ness, it will be held at the Sainte Dynamo.

The next day there will be 35 screenings. The festival will open at the American Cosmograph with a first showing of Julia Bacha’s documentary Naila and the Intifada, in the presence of the film’s protagonist Naila Ayesh. This feature-length documentary looks at the Intifada, focussing on Naila Ayesh, an activist of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and a committed feminist. Through the film, Brazilian director Julia Bacha highlights the little known story of Palestinian women’s resistance.

On March 15th and 16th there will be a chance for the public to see three of Hany Abu-Assad’s major films in a retrospective of his work at the cinémathèque: Paradise now, The Singer of Gaza and Omar. There will also be screenings of films from the 1970’s, such as Ici et ailleurs, a 1969 documentary shot in a Palestinian refugee camp in Jordan, directed by Jean-Luc Godard, Anne-Marie Mieville and Jean-Pierre Gorin.

The 5th edition of the festival will close March 19th with a screening of Sameh Zoabi’s Tel Aviv On Fire in the presence of the director. The film follows Salam, a 30-year-old Palestinian living in Jerusalem, working on the television soap “Tel Aviv On Fire”. Sameh Zoabi was co-script-writer on The Singer of Gaza,and for Tel Aviv On Fire received the Grand Prix and the Critics’ Award at the Liège International Festival of Comedy Film.

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