FRANCE TUNISIA / “Vent du Nord”, a first film between Boulogne and Tunis

Until the end of September Tunisian director Walid Mattar will be filming his first feature in northern France and Tunisia.


Vent du Nord” follows two characters: a worker in France and an unemployed younger man in Tunisia – linked by a story about factory relocation.

Shooting in northern France was completed on August 27th, but will continue in the suburbs of Tunis until September 30th.

Walid Mattar wrote the screenplay with Claude le Pape ( “Les Combattants”) and her compatriot Leyla Bouzid, with whom he previously collaborated on the short film “Sbeh El Khir” (Hello, 2006) and “Condamnations” (2010).

The main roles are played by Philippe Rebbot and the Tunisian rapper / actor Mohamed Amine Hamzaoui, while Corinne Masiero, Kacey Mottet Klein and Abir Bennai round out the cast.

Vent du Nord” is produced by the French company Barney Production and co-produced by Hélicotronc (Belgium) and Propaganda (Tunisia).

Sources: Cineuropa, La Voix du Nord, Africultures


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