Europe / A “green” charter for European film festivals presented in Serbia

During the 29th Palic European Film Festival in Serbia, the MIOB (Moving Images Opening Borders) presented its Green Charter for film festivals.

The MIOB is a platform bringing together 7 European festivals including the Palic European Film Festival and Les Arcs in France. Its aim is to promote discussion and the exchange of ideas between film festival organizers. Many topics were covered, including artistic production, socio-political upheavals and the environment.

MIOB’s Green Charter suggests ways festivals can organise their events in a sustainable way. It sets out several specific commitments, including raising awareness of environmental problems, controlling energy and food expenditure. Each festival draws up its own charter in which it defines its needs and objectives. With this proposal, the platform wants to commit European festivals to a common path of environmental responsibility.

During the meeting in Serbia, several points were discussed. This article by Cineuropa shows the issues and the responses raised by the charter. The discussion focused on energy, waste, food and transport. For example, the director of the Palic festival talked about the influence of his event on the evolution of food in his region. In a few years the city’s restaurants have diversified their menus and now offer vegetarian meals. This “affected the restaurant sector and the role of local producers in the context of film festivals.”

Transport is also an issue. The group agrees to promote “green” transport such as electric or hybrid vehicles for logistics.

Sources : MIOB, Green Charter, Cineuropa

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