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The Cyprus Industry Days were held online between April 9th and 11th, exactly as the organisers of the International Festival of Cyprus Film Days had announced.

During the three days there were pitching sessions with over 40 professionals from 17 countries listening as the directors presented their projects. The award for Best Project went to The Three of Us by Albanian director Suela Bako and produced by an Albanian company Erafilm. The subject is a 35-year-old unemployed woman, Soni. “One day she receives an unexpected phone call and is told that her uncle who brought her up has died. As she prepares to pay him a final tribute, Soni discovers she has to pay his family for the funeral. So she has to find a way to get the money that day.”

The Agora Networking Award was won by the Croatian Ivana Škrabalo for Four Days at the Sea. Produced by the Croatian company Dinaridi Film, the project takes place on a remote island in the Adriatic. Maša and her boyfriend Boris, both in their thirties, are spending a few days on holiday with Maša’s childhood friend Jagoda. But things quickly start to get complicated.

The director of the Industry Days, Danae Stylianou, said “through the powerful media of cinema, aims to build bridges between ideas, stories and people, at the same time helping Mediterranean film-makers express themselves by offering a platform to promote their vision.The pandemic has forced us to put the event online. […] For the first session more than 40 buyers from 17 countries were connected simultaneously. The act of eliminating borders which this virus forced on us has created a feeling of hope – not only for us as organizers, but also for everyone in the business who is trapped at home with their film project on hold.”

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