BULGARIA / Winners of the 20th Sofia Meetings

Sofia Meetings 2023

The 20th Sofia Meetings co-production market was held from March 22nd to 26th as part of the Sofia International Film Festival (March 16th – 31st).

Every year more than 700 producers, distributors and professionals in the region come together for these 5 days.

Sofia Meetings offers screenings, workshops, conferences and pitching sessions in which project leaders present their films in development to a jury and the public. The event has several categories including Plus Minus One Projects, for a director’s first or third project, Second Film Projects and TV Series Projects.

Among the winners The Last Summer,a Portuguese project by João Nuno Pinto and Fernanda Polacow, received the Cinelab Romania Award which comes with €25,000 to cover part of the film’s post-production costs. The film marketing company Gruvi gave two awards worth €5,000 to Giulia Grandinetti’s Italian project Yellow and Blue and to Elitza Petkova’s Bulgarian film Resonance.

The complete list of winners is available on the event’s website.

Sources: Film New Europe, Cineuropa, Sofia Meetings

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