ALBANIA/ “Waterdrop” by Robert Budina now in post-production

Era Film

Writer-director Robert Budina, is currently in post-production with his third feature: Waterdrop.

Set in a small Albanian town, the main character is the director of urban planning at the town hall. Together with her husband and the mayor, she works a successful system of corruption. But when her 16-year-old son is charged with raping a classmate she comes face-to-face with the same remorseless corruption in every other institution.

“Waterdrop is a film about family, hypocrisy, moral corruption, truth and justice,” says Budina, adding that he was inspired by a news item: “In February 2019, a teenager was raped by her peers in a small town in Albania. All the institutions and the media said nothing. The town covered up the drama to prevent its reputation being tarnished.” With this film, he wants “to explore the causes of that hateful crime.”

Produced by Era Film (Albania) and Avanpost (Romania) in co-production with Redibis Film (Italy) and Iliria Film (Kosovo), its budget is €800,000, supported by the Albanian National Centre of Cinematography, the Kosovo Centre of Cinematography, the Italian Ministry of Culture, Creative Europe MEDIA and SEE Cinema Network.

Robert Budina is also a producer. In 2001, he created Era Film, a production company through which he made his films Agon (2012) and A Shelter Among the Clouds (2018).

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