ITALY / 2017 summer season of “Doc3” begins on Rai3

The summer schedule for Rai3’s independent documentaries has been announced.

From June 22nd to September 14th a dozen films will be broadcast every Thursday evening in the second part of the evening. The common thread is that they all tell stories from across the world, and each is told by the men and women who live them. Every week the programme is presented by Fabio Mancini.

– 22/06: “Reach for the Sky” by Steven Dhoedt and Wooyoung Choi (Belgium / South Korea): how South Korean high school students prepare for their final exam

– 29/06: “La terra dei motori” Pierluigi de Donno (Italy): when passion for motorbikes is passed down from parent to child

– 13/07: “Last men in Aleppo” by Firas Fayyad and Steen Johannessen (Syria / Denmark): following the White Helmets who stayed in Aleppo to rescue civilians

– 20/07: “The Rebel Surgeon” by Erik Gandini (Sweden / Norway): a Swedish surgeon sets up in Ethiopia, where he operates on his patients with the means available

– 27/07: “Singing with Angry Bird” Hyewon Jee (South Korea / India): Korean opera singer creates a choir of Indian children and their parents

– 03/08: “Prison Sisters” by Nima Sarvestan (Sweden): two young Afghan women released from prison try to reintegrate into a society which rejects them

– 10/08: “Waiting for the Sun” by Kaspar Astrup Schröder (Denmark / China): three Chinese children are sent to an orphanage after their father is sentenced to death

– 17/08: “Primo movimento” by Francesco Matera (Italy): portrait of the young musicians in the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana

– 24/08: “Inside the Chinese Closet” by Sophia Luvara (Netherlands / China): how to meet the expectations of your parents and society when you are Chinese and homosexual

– 31/08: “The children of the noon” by Dieg Fiori and Olga Pohankova (Austria / Italy / USA / Kenya): life in a Kenyan orphanage where all the children have AIDS

– 07/09: “Tokyo Idols” by Kyoko Miyake (Canada / United Kingdom / Japan): the phenomenon of Japanese “idols” – young J-pop singers, halfway between schoolgirls and manga characters

– 14/09: “The Return” by Zahavi Sanjavi (Sweden / Iraq): one nurse treats the wounds of the 20,000 people living in a refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan

Doc3”, every Thursday in the second part of the evening on Rai3 starting June 22nd


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