Special Report / 10 documentaries win awards at the 21st PriMed

The 21st PriMed set a new record: more than 6,000 spectators attended, more than 2,500 sixth form students participated, and a list of excellent films received awards for the best in documentary film-making about the Mediterranean.

25 documentaries, television reports and web-documentaries were selected for the 2017 PriMed, the Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen, organized by the CMCA (Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle).

The 25 films were screened for a whole week at Mucem and then at the Bibliothèque de l’Alcazar, totalling 30 hours of free screenings.

The 11 prizes awarded by the PriMed jury were shared amongst 10 of the 25 films in competition. As well as the jury of professionals, chaired by Mathieu Guidère, the public presented an award for Best Mediterranean Short, while 6th form school students awarded the Averroes Junior Award to their preferred film among the 3 documentaries they watched in class.

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