Spain / The ICAA provides finance for feature-length projects

The Spanish Instituto de la Cinematografía y de las Artes Audiovisuales (ICAA) has finalised its project to help finance the production of feature-length film projects. The total amount being offered is 11.9 million euros. A minimum of 35% of this is for films directed by women and a maximum of 25% must be reserved for documentary projects.


In theory 39 films will benefit from this subsidy. Among them:
Unicorn Wars, an animated film by Alberto Vázquez (France, Spain, Belgium, Unicorn Wars AIE)
Mantícora, written and directed by Carlos López del Rey (Spain, Aquí y Allí Film)
La maternal, by Pilar Palomero (Spain, Barrixia AIE)
Costa Brava, Líbano by Mounia Akl, with a script written by Akl and Clara Roquet (Spain, Lebanon, Lastor Media)
Espíritu Sagrado, by Chema García Ibarra (Spain, Jaibo Films)
Que nadie duerma, by Antonio Méndez Esparza (Spain, Que Nadie Duerma AIE)
Two other animated films, Valentina by María Consuelo Loureiro (Spain, Valentina La Película) and Dalia y el libro rojo by David Bisbano (Argentina, Spain, Doce Entertainment).

The ICAA ’s choice for documentary projects includes:
En busca de La Singla by Paloma Zapata (Spain, Fábrica Naranja de Películas)
Strange Fruit by Mauro Herce (Spain, El Viaje Films)
El futuro no nos ha cambiado by Adrián Orr (Spain, El Viaje Films).

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