Morocco / Atoman, Wind Rider the first Moroccan super-hero film

Atoman, Wind Rider is the first Moroccan super-hero film. So with his first feature, Belgian-Moroccan director Anouar Moatassim is breaking new ground in North African and African cinema. To do this he has brought together a cast of well-known actors from Morocco, Mali, France and Belgium: rapper Lartiste will play the title role, supported by Samy Naceri, Doudou Masta and Sarah Perles.

Atoman, Wind
Photograph from Anouar Moatassim’s Instagram, with the cast of his film during the pre-shoot presentation on September 4th (Paris)

Atoman, Wind Rider is about a computer hacker, Hakim Imlil, wanted by Interpol for hacking into the servers of international laboratories. Discovered hiding on an island, he is arrested and handed over to the Moroccan authorities. There, however, he is offered a deal: he can avoid going to prison if he agrees to become a white-hat (ethical hacker), fighting cybercrime. Despite his misgivings he is drawn into an investigation and discovers his true origins. But to be the last bulwark against chaos, Hakim must become Atoman.

Atoman means man of the wind in Amazigh – the language of the Berbers. This superhero draws his strength and identity from the Moroccan and Amazigh culture. An identity which, the director has said, we find in the film through the costumes, sets and music.

Filming is due to start in December and will take place in Morocco, France and a sub-Saharan country yet to be named. The film is produced by Casablanca Pictures.

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