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Waraet Gameya was released in Egyptian cinemas during Eid el-Adha (July 30th to August 3rd). Directed by Ahmed El-Bably and featuring Egyptian stars Mohamed Adel, Sahar el-Saigh and Samy Fahmy, Waraet Gameya is a comedy about the owner of a hair salon, Umm Abdullah, who has to provide for her sister and her family.

Eid el-Adha
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Having closed for five months, Egyptian cinemas are taking advantage of the Eid Al-Adha holidays to attract audiences.

In addition to Waraet Gameya, other films were also released on the big screens:

These included Saheb el Makam with Yousra and Asser Yassin in the lead roles. Yousra plays a spirit tormenting a businessman played by Asser Yassin. It is the first Middle Eastern film to be shown on a video-on-demand platform before its theatrical release.

Taw’an Rouhy is a comedy about a young couple with problems. Directed by Osman Abo Laban it brings together Hassan El-Radadd, Amina Khalil and Aicha Ben Ahmed.

Written by Hossam Mousa and directed by Abram Nashaat. Cell 7 is about two men, Mansour and Harbi, who are locked up together in Cell 7.

The horror film Rima is about a young girl who appears to a married couple and keeps causing disasters. Rima stars Mohmed Sarwat, Maya Nasri, Hala Fakher, Ehab Fahmy, Firas Said, and Maha Nassar. The film was written by Ahmed Anwar and directed by Moataz Hossam.

The final film scheduled was El-Ghassala (The Washing Machine): Omar uses his washing machine like a time machine to overcome the problems which have come between him and his girlfriend. The film is produced by New Century Production and directed by Essam Adel Hamid.

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