FRANCE / « Turbo Film » on your marks, get set…..

Are you crazy about film? Are you handy with a camera? If so, the Turbo Film Festival is waiting for you to register on its web platform! The aim of the game? Make a short film in just 24 hours.

Turbo Film

Since February 3rd online registration has been open for this festival which encourages short films from students and non-students around the world.
On March 5th and 6th film-makers will have just 24 hours to write, shoot and edit a 5-minute film within an imposed framework.
The event is organized by the Cultural Service of the University of Rheims Champagne-Ardenne.

In the student category, the prize-winners will be chosen by a jury of French film professionals chaired by Pierre PINAUD (director). There will be 5 awards: Best Film, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Scenario, Best Use of the Imposed Framework. This jury will also choose the Best Film made by “non-students”.
There will be a second jury of international students selecting the two films they judge best express a young person’s view of the world, in the student category and in the non-student. This student jury will include: Mary SAUVAGE (France), Antonio DIAZ (Spain), Shaw HUSSAIN (UK), Dayoung CHUNG (South Korea), Yin Mu LAN (Taiwan), Todere IOANA (Romania), Elena TRETIAK (Ukraine), hao MENGWEZ (China).
All the films will be eligible for the Audience Award, chosen by film-goers at public screenings from April 27th to 30th in Rheims cinemas.

The france3-ré web-site reminds participants that the conditions of the imposed framework will be announced shortly before the start of the 24 hour filming period.
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