TUNISIA / Three broadcasters threatened with having equipment confiscated

haicaHAICA (Haute Autorité Indépendante de la Communication Audiovisuelle) issued several formal notices against Tunisian channels accused of broadcasting illegally, though without much success. The radio stations concerned are: “Nour FM”, “Al-Qoraan Al-Karim” and “MFM”, the television stations: “Al-Janoubia”, “Tounesna” and “Zitouna”. Since all these channels refused to comply with the regulations and failed to respect the deadlines for ceasing transmission, the HAICA announced on January 29th that it will “confiscate equipment from any broadcasting company transmitting without a license”. The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) responded the next day in a statement affirming “its adherence to the application of the law to regulate the media sector and to ensure companies’ equality before the law. Moreover the union insists on the right of companies which have not received a license, to have explanations and reasons for the refusal” from HAICA. On Monday February 3rdAl Janoubia”, “Radio Nour” and “MFM” spontaneously suspended transmission pending HAICA’s consideration of their cases.

Sources: directinfo.webmanagercenter.com, africanmanager.com


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