TUNISIA / Fears that the Moknine cinema will be demolished

Affiche de Moknine Cinema Association

CinéMakna, one of only three cinemas in Moknine, a town in the province of Monastir, seems scheduled for demolition. Having shown films for 50 years, although not continuously, it may now be replaced by a shopping centre.

To alert the public, “The Moknine Cinema Association” has issued a press release. Younes Ben Hajria, a film director and director of the association, organised a demonstration with artists, film enthusiasts and researchers to save the cinema from “the appalling cultural desertification in the region.”

Back in 2017 the town council discussed a plan to put a parking lot where the cinema stands. In response Ben Hajria organized the Moknine Poetic Film Days. Until now this annual event has saved the cinema, since it attracts audiences who want to watch documentary and fiction films made from an aesthetic or poetic angle. The 3rd edition wrapped on December 24th, shortly before the publication of Ben Hajria’s new press release.

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