TUNISIA / A new head of CNCI

cnciFathi Kharrat was appointed head of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image (CNCI), a Tunisian institution created in July 2012 to manage the cinema sector (production, distribution, film industry, film festivals, training). It is supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage Preservation which wants to revitalize the film and broadcasting sector by consolidating all the institutions involved. Fathi’s first job will be to revise the laws on cinema dating from the 1980’s. Then the focus will be on developing production and distribution across the country. Investors will be encouraged to finance new cinemas across Tunisia. The new boss does not overlook the work of past generations nor of young people, whom he hopes will have a greater interest in “the improvement of the national audiovisual archives and its digitization as well as the supervision of associations active in that field through partnership agreements in order to attract young people and make them aware of the importance of the image and cinematic expression without losing sight of course of developing a map of film festivals.”

Sources: directinfo.webmanagercenter.com et babnet.net


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