LEBANON / Arabsat cuts transmission of the Hezbollah channel

On December 4th the Saudi satellite television operator Arabsat stopped transmitting Al Manar, a private Lebanese television channel. The plugs were pulled in the middle of an interview with the leader of the Arab Democratic Party, Shaker Al Berjawi, who was criticizing the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
Hezbollah, Al Manar’s main shareholder, reacted on Facebook through its Deputy Secretary General, Naeem Qassem. He described Arabsat’s decision as “shameful”. The Lebanese Ministry of Information has indicated they cannot intervene.
Last month, Arabsat similarly cut the broadcast of another Lebanese channel Al Mayadeen, after a guest criticized Saudi Arabia’s management of the Mina accident, which cost the lives of at least 717 pilgrims. Arabsat has also recently moved its broadcasting centres from the Lebanon to Jordan.
Sources : Advanced Television, Tasnim News Agency, Press TV, L’Orient Le Jour, Le Monde

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