ALGERIA / A National Centre for the Film Industry soon in Algiers

On October 24th a presidential decree formalized the creation of the Centre National de l’Industrie Cinématographique Algérien (National Centre for the Film Industry) in the capital. Back in 2020 the Algerian Secretary of State to the Minister of Culture and Arts, Bechri Youcef Sehairi, said that “evolving from diverse cinematographic activity to a real industry requires the creation of an Algerian Film Centre, bringing together all the sector’s management activities.” Existing bodies such as the Centre algérien pour le développement du cinéma (CADC) and the Centre national du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel (CNCA) will merge with the new National Centre.

Bechri Youcef Sehairi Algerian Secretary of State to the Minister of Culture and Arts Source : Youtube

The decree sets out the National Centre for the Film Industry ’s role:

– “to develop and promote the film industry and audiovisual production, contributing to their support”

– “to create and manage projects for film-making complexes and any other infrastructure projects specializing in the audiovisual professions.”

– “to produce, co-produce, reproduce, exploit, export, import, sell and rent cinematographic and audiovisual works and ensure their distribution and exploitation nationally and internationally in any medium.”

– “to support film festivals and contribute to the organization of all national and international cinematographic events.”

– “to encourage the creation of finance companies for the film and audiovisual industries” and “start-ups specializing in new film and audiovisual technology.”

– “to participate in training and development for professions related to film-making and audiovisual.”

– “to support image education and the spread of film culture, particularly in education and schools.”

The aim of the project is to “promote the image of Algeria and its film-making potential,” reported Dzairworld.

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