Morocco / Nabil Ayouch launches Aflamin, a new Moroccan streaming platform

The new Moroccan streaming platform Aflamin has been operational since February 24th. Headed by director Nabil Ayouch and the company Ali N’ Productions, this platform is distributing and promoting classic and contemporary Moroccan films. Within a couple of years it hopes to be showing every Moroccan film, some of which are still hard to find.


Nabil Ayouch says the project’s starting point was the realisation that young Moroccans “have little opportunity to see recent or heritage films. Our ambition,” he adds “is not only to reconnect Moroccan audiences to their cinema, but also to assist film-makers by providing a new distribution window for our films.” Since American platforms don’t show Moroccan films, Aflamin has become a “necessity”, according to general manager Kenza Sefouane.

The Aflamin platform doesn’t only show Moroccan films, there are also international auteur films on the programme, like Christophe Honoré’s Love Songs or Tran Anh Hung’s The Smell of Green Papaya. For the Aflamin team the selection is a deliberate way “of including Moroccan films in international cinema.”

About forty producers have agreed for their films to be streamed, subject to a redistribution of earnings. Currently nearly 200 hours of content are available. The films are all accompanied by a synopsis and making-of details. Reviews written on the film’s release are also available. It all stems from a desire “to build a new audience of cinephiles, as broadly-based as possible, among our fellow citizens.”

Aflamin offers a one-month subscription at 45dh (6€), or three months at 120dh (16€) and 6 months at 230dh (30.67€). In order to allow as many people as possible to access the service, payments can be made by bank card or in cash via PayExpress.

Sources : Aflamin, Arabnews, Telquel, Aujourd’hui le Maroc

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