LEBANON / Beirut hosts Copeam’s annual conference

Copeam (Conférence Permanente de l’Audiovisuel Méditerranéen) held its 24th annual conference and its 23rd AGM in the Lebanese capital from May 11th to 13th.

Organized with Télé Lebanon, the Lebanese public television, this year’s event looks at “Mediterranean narration: complexities, media response and public opinion”.

His Excellency General Michel Aoun, President of the Lebanese Republic, and Talal El Makdessi, chair of both Copeam and Télé-Lebanon, will speak at the opening ceremony on May 12th before letting the various committees get on with their work.

The conference will open on the morning of May 13th with a first plenary session “New media, narrative and public debate: communication in the era of ‘post-truth’”. The second session will focus on “Constructive Journalism vs. Hate Speech”. On the same day the winners of the 2017 Plural Prize + (a video competition for the under 25’s on the theme of migration and diversity) will be announced. Copeam’s AGM will then meet in the afternoon.

Find the complete programme for the three days by clicking here.

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