LEBANON / Aflamuna puts Arab films online

Aflamuna (Our Films) is a new platform created by a group of Arab film-makers and film institutions to show the best of recent independent, thought-provoking Arab films. Managed by Beirut DC, Aflamuna was set up in March.


Since then several films have been posted. Once on the platform, they can be accessed free of charge for about fifteen days. In just one month, the organisers recorded more than 100,000 visits and 50,000 views.

At the end of July Aflamuna presented a retrospective of Lebanese film-maker Ghassan Salhab. Among the thirteen films available were three shorts: No One’s Rose (2010), My Living Body, My Dead Body (2003), and Lost Narcissus (2004).

Some of the director’s feature films were also online including La Montagne (2010): “At nightfall in Beirut a forty-year old man, Fadi, packs his bags and leaves for the airport with a friend. Although he has told everyone that he’s leaving the country for a month, when he gets to the airport he rents a car and heads north into the mountains.”

An earlier film, 1958 (2009), has several intersecting stories. It was the year the director was born, but it also saw the start of a long conflict in Lebanon. Linking all the stories is one person, Ghassan Salhab’s mother.

Finally Le dernier homme (2006) links a doctor working in a Beirut hospital to the victims of a serial killer.

All films are available in Arabic, with English and French subtitles.

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