ITALY / Start of filming for Il giorno e la notte

In early May Italian director Daniele Vicari began filming his new feature Il giorno e la notte. In compliance with contagion-prevention rules, he is directing his film remotely, sending the actors kits which include filming equipment. The collectively-made film follows four couples, with a cast including Dario Aita, Elena Gigliotti, Barbara Esposito, Francesco Acquaroli, Isabella Ragonese, Matteo Martari, Milena Mancini, Vinicio Marchioni, and Giordano de Plano.

Il giorno e la notte
Daniele Vicari

The story opens with a mysterious chemical attack in Rome, paralysing the city. “Everyone is forced to lock themselves indoors. No one can go out. The streets, seen through the windows, are empty. What’s going on? Couples, barricaded inside their homes, realise they are trapped in an intimate but inexorable confrontation – which often becomes a battle. But sometimes also an encounter, leading to a new awareness.

The film is designed as an intimate film respecting the rules of “smart working”. The locations – the actors’ homes – will not be visited by the director, art director, costume designer or any technician.

The director’s idea is to make a film despite the confinement and social distancing. Daniele Vicari explained that “It is an act of love for the cinema, and we dedicate it to everyone involved in film-making, for the moment stuck at home without any clear idea of the future. We hope this act of love will help us imagine that future.”

Il giorno e la notte is produced by Minollo Film.

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