ITALY / “Dasatskisi” by Dea Kulumbegashvili scoops many awards at the Trieste Film Festival

The Best Feature Film Award at the 32nd Trieste Film Festival went to “Dasatskisi” (Beginning) by Georgian director Dea Kulumbegashvili.

Trieste Film Festival 2021
Le Trieste Film Festival 2021

With a first screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, this Franco-Georgian co-production was also selected at Cannes in 2020.

L’affiche de Dasatskisi (Commencement), grand gagnant du Trieste Film Festival 2021

Yana (Ia Sukhitashvili), the wife of a Jehovah’s Witness leader, finds her familiar world slowly crumbling around her. In a sleepy provincial town in Georgia, a group of extremists attack her community; the local authorities do not intervene. When a detective from Tbilisi starts to investigate, the consequences for Yana are devastating.

The Trieste Film Festival jury hailed the debut of a director capable of creating a cinematic world of “images, sounds and performances which constantly question the viewer’s position on a story both disconcerting and deeply moving.”

The other winners of this 32nd edition

The festival awarded the Jury Prize for Best Documentary to Acasā, My Home by Romanian director Radu Ciorniciuc.

Damian Kocur’s film Dalej Jest Dzień (Beyond is the Day) won the Best Short Film Award. Finally, Jacopo Quadri’s Ultimina received the Jury Award for Best Film in its Section.

The Trieste Film Festival, a “cinematographic bridge”

Trieste Film Festival 32, from January 21st to 30th, became a major web event. No less than 29 feature films, 19 documentaries, 16 short films and 25 side events took place online.

Created in 1989, on the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Trieste Film Festival is the principal Italian festival showcasing cinema productions from Central and Eastern Europe.

For thirty years the festival has been a cinematographic bridge to Europe, connecting places, names and trends destined to become part of the international scene.

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