GREECE / The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation is financing co-productions

The Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), the state-owned Greek radio and television corporation, will help finance 21 new co-productions, both Greek and international. This funding is the first of a series of investments decided by the new board of directors, who replaced the previous board which resigned only a day after the opening of Thessalonika International Film Festival.

The €1,500,000 fund is 1.5% of ERT’s revenues, a percentage which the corporation’s contract stipulates must be invested in Greek cinema. Among the co-productions supported are 15 feature films, 4 documentaries and 2 films by visual artists. Yorgos Gkikapeppas’ film A Little Unexplainable Chaos is among the selected films, as is the first feature by Araceli Lemos, Holy Emy.

The sum allocated to documentaries is €105,000. Four co-productions will share this, including Nefeli Sarri’s Behind the Wall, following multidisciplinary artist Dimitris Papaioannou as he creates his work “Still life”. Visual artists Janis Rafailidou and Stefanos Tsivopoulos were selected for their respective projects Kal-A-Zar and The Intercept.


Source: Cineuropa

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