FRANCE / TV5MONDE’s French learning site launches a “Dessine moi un Charlie” page

Following the logo-tv5mondetragic events that took place in France in early January, TV5MONDE decided to contribute by providing French-language teachers with classroom resources to address the issues of freedom of speech and mutual understanding. The attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo has sparked heated debate around the world about freedom of speech, particularly in classrooms and lecture halls, in playgrounds and at home. In a time of social networks and the ubiquity of information, the teacher’s role is increasingly important.

So the French-language channel has put on its website “Apprendre et enseigner le français” specific content to analyse and discuss the event. Currently offering a range of educational content for learning French and education to the media, TV5MONDE’s web-site is now enriched with a selection of dedicated resources: cartoons, portraits of cartoonists, geopolitical issues, the speech by Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, described as “historic”. These materials are “ready for use” by teachers and grouped on a page titled “Dessine-moi un Charlie ”

Source: Communiqué de presse TV5 Monde


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