FRANCE / Ajaccio’s second festival of films from North Africa

Organized by the People’s Association of Tunisians in Corsica and Friends, the second festival of “Cinéma du Mahgreb” is being held in Ajaccio from May 12th to 20th.

The 24 scheduled films focus on different issues current in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco (Libya is not part of the festival this year): the status of women, current political history and the societal problems experienced in those countries today.

According to the association’s spokesperson Mohamed Jouablia: “For all of us round the Mediterranean this festival awakens our shared history, each seeing it in his own way. This inland sea, cradle of the oldest human civilizations, of the three monotheistic religions, of great discoveries, the root of mathematical knowledge, algebra, medicine, trade… Values ​​showing how close we are and how much we need each other.”

On Saturday May 12th the festival screened “Latifa, le cœur au combat” about the mother of a French soldier murdered by terrorist Mohammed Merah in 2012. The mother was present at the screening, and the event was shown on Tunisian television.

Sources: Corse net infos, France 3 Corse Via Stella

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