France / 3,500 high-school students took part in PriMed!

For several years PriMed has been developing a programme to educate people about being Euro-Mediterranean citizens by using images. 3,500 young people from all around the Mediterranean took part in the various activities offered by PriMed’s organizer, the CMCA. Among them, no less than 2,000 6th form students participated in the Mediterranean Youth Award.

A special mention this year: the exceptional presence of Egyptian girls from Cairo and Alexandria, plus a 6th form cinema option class from the Lycée Lyautey in Casablanca and a class from the Lycée Terragni in Italy.

Mediterranean Youth Award

6th formers from Marseille, the PACA Region and across the Mediterranean participated in the Mediterranean Youth Award, created by the CMCA and organized in partnership with the Rectorate of Aix-Marseille. Thanks to this award, young people from all round the Mediterranean can share their views on their heritage and/or current events, and get a broader view of the world they live in. This year they watched 3 films:

Gurs, histoire et mémoire by Veronica SAENZ GIMENEZ

Le grand saphir, une révolte ordinaire by Jérémi STADLER

Les amoureux des bancs-publics, la rue qui résiste avec l’art by Gaia VIANELLO and Juan Martin BAIGORRIA

The sixth formers came together at the Bibliothèque l’Alcazar for three consecutive mornings –  November 27th, 28th and 29th – to debate and vote for the film they thought the best.

The CMCA travelled to Cairo, Alexandria and Palermo, meeting 300 Egyptian and 100 Italian 6th formers. This was part of the partnership with the Francophone Activity Centre of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and with RAI.

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Masterclass directors / students

More than 500 6th formers had masterclasses with the directors of the three documentaries they had seen in class – on November 29th at Marseille’s Museum of History and on November 30th at the Cinema Prado. They were able to ask Veronica Saenz Gimenez, Jérémi Stadler, Gaia Vianello and Juan Martin Baigorria all their questions regarding their choice of themes and the process of making a documentary.

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Screening discussion: “Do you lose your identity if you leave your country?”

On November 30th there was a screening-discussion for students at the Le Prado cinema. First the 300 students present viewed Claire BILLET and Olivier JOBARD’s Tu seras suédoise, ma fille, then they discussed the film and talked about the importance of our origins in constructing our identity. The debate was moderated by Daniel WOLFROMM, a France Télévisions reporter. The film’s directors and the jury chair Gisèle KHOURY were also present to answer all their questions.

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