FRANCE / Ecrans de Babel in collaboration with the CMCA and PriMed

babel-medBabel Med Music will be extended with a selection of films and documentaries about world music to be screened on March 26th and 27th. The rendez-vous is at the heart of Babel, on the mezzanine of Dock des Suds

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This is the programme, worked out in collaboration with the CMCA (Centre Méditerranéen de la Communication Audiovisuelle) as part of the advance publicity for PriMed:



11h10: Tarek Tiba‘s TUNIZIK, Tunisia, 2013 (54’)

This documentary takes a fresh look at how Tunisian music is created and how, in the present context, the energy of its identity helps it spread across the country.

12h00: Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud & Moustapha Hasnaoui‘s MÉLODIES DE L’EXIL, France, 2013 (52′)

An anthology of North African music in France since the end of the 1940’s, the film traces the musical themes and particularities of this culture handed down by those in exile.



10h:00 Andrea Segre’s INDEBITO, Italy, 2013 (84’)

A journey with Italian singer Vinicio Capossela across debt-ridden Greece, emblematic centre of the current crisis, through the words, thoughts and music of rebetiko, the indescribable Greek blues.

12h20: Jacqueline Caux’ SI JE TE GARDE DANS MES CHEVEUX, France, 2012 (37’)

Manifesto on film about women in Arab countries, who have to fight doggedly to impose their talent, art, and social commitment and their femininity without a veil.


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