CROATIA / The Croatian Audiovisual Centre unblocks €660,000 for feature films


The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has announced it has secured a further €660,000 for financing feature film projects. Development projects planning to enter production in 2020 or 2021 can receive up to €72,000, with the proviso that they are ready to start filming before December 31st 2021.
Post-production projects will be eligible for €13,000 provided their film is completed before June 31st 2021.

The decision to release a further €660,000 to help the film industry came from the Ministry of Culture and Media.

The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has been funding feature film projects since the start of the year, an exceptional gesture during the first pandemic to help complete films already in production. Goran Dukić’s Nosila je rubac črleni and Sixth Bus by Eduard Galić received €42,796 and €17,076 respectively. Silvio Miroščinenko’s documentary Obalno šetalište collected €8,691.

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