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fablab_channelFablabchannel, a production company specialising in on-line work, is calling for contributions to develop a French-language web-based news channel, aimed at 18 to 30 year olds. To do this, Fablabchannel is looking for independent young French-speaking journalist / bloggers to produce short video reports from every country in the world. The channel is called “Les Haut-Parleurs” (Loud Speakers) and will be launched in late October.

The channel will be based on a global network of about a hundred young journalists, all French-speakers and all having the same status. They must be young, either French media correspondents or local journalists based around the world.

The channel’s bywords are clarity, journalistic rigour and a fresh way of seeing: every item must be motivated by enthusiasm as much as outrage. Speaking freely and straight to camera, the journalists will express their way of seeing and feeling about both serious and lighter subjects, explaining the different points of view and the context. They will back their commentaries with images and interviews recorded first-hand. Every three months the channel will announce a major topical theme around which all subsequent reports will be based, thus giving a fresh impetus, particularly to web-viewers.

The first major theme will focus on the environment and climate change, to coincide with COP21 in Paris in late November 2015. The themes will be chosen for their controversial interest and their potential impact on younger people.

If you are interested in this project, please send your proposals for videos about the environment.

Check out videos already received in the first phase of project development by following this link.

For more information, contact:

Margaux Bergey


Skype: margaux.bergey

Cell phone: (+33) 6 66 79 58 55

Telephone: (+33) 1 40 26 73 6

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